Friends, Family and Festivities Making Matrimonial Magic

Your wedding day is just a few short weeks away and panic is starting to give way to neurosis. Things are coming together well, but you can’t help wondering if you’ve done all you can to ensure that your guests enjoy the magic just as much as you do. Friends and family are the spice that makes your celebration special and Any Event Productions would like to offer a few last minute tips to help you ensure that your guests know just how special they are.  Continue Reading) 

If you’re like most of us, you have a few friends who are vegans or allergic to gluten and finding food options are often difficult for them at celebrations. Remember the folks with alternative eating habits or food requirements when you meet with your caterer. They will be grateful and touched that you took time to consider their needs and you’ll feel great knowing your guests feel great.


Remember that your friends and family have a wealth of personal history. Draw on that history, particularly when planning your music and you’ll spark great memories and create magical new ones. Maybe you remember that grandma loved the Platters and Aunt Jean still jams to Earth, Wind and Fire; make sure to play tunes. If you can discover the songs significant people enjoyed at their own weddings, adding those favorites to your own playlist will bring a special sparkle to your loved ones eyes.



Are the infants and small children of guests welcome at your festivities? If so, taking time to plan a space for nursing and entertaining the wee ones will be a thoughtful and appreciated touch. A private area equipped with a changing table, along with a comfortable chair will make celebrating easier for those with babies. And Any Event Productions suggests that creating a corner with a few mats, toys, and books will help keep small children entertained and provide them a place to rest when they get tired and cranky.



Don’t forget about the unique needs of your out-of-town guests. Perhaps they have arranged to bunk with friends or extended family, but if they’ll be staying in a hotel, they’ll face challenges only out-of-towners can. Make a short list of things to do, places to see and great places to eat; it will make being away from home easier and their whole trip more enjoyable. If they have small children, don’t forget to include family friendly activities on your list and adding a couple of well-vetted baby-sitting services will boost you to superstar status in your guests’ eyes.



Once you’re sure you’ve done everything possible to ensure that your guests have the best possible time celebrating your wedding day, you can release the encroaching panic. Your time has come; take a deep breath, relax and bask in the magic of your special day.

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