The Importance of Audio Visuals for Your Wedding Day

There’s a lot more for weddings than just fancy dresses and vows. Catering, flowering, stage setup, and music are just some of the things that make a wedding memorable. One of the more behind-the-scenes parts of a wedding that makes a difference is the audiovisual equipment. 

Audiovisual is precisely what it sounds like – the audio and video equipment that makes the music system work and the carefully-made slideshows run. And that’s not all.

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Visual Impact

Obviously, you want your wedding to be fun, and you want people to remember it. The right kind of audiovisual tools will give your special event the impact it needs to make it special. Taking into account the size of the room, making sure the font on your slideshows is readable, making sure the lighting isn’t too bright or too dim – all of this is part of your AV setup. 


Lighting can dramatically change the mood of a room. Dim lighting can create a morose or suspenseful atmosphere, whereas bright lights can be exciting and fun. Spotlighting can highlight elements in the room – like the bouquet toss, or the wedding cake when it gets wheeled in – and LED lights in various colors can add a little bit of flare and excitement to the setting. 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to using lighting to make your wedding distinct, and with the right kind of AV tools in place, you can easily make your wedding setup specialized for the type of fun you want to have on your special day. 


Of course, audio is an integral part of all events – whether that’s a wedding or a business conference. Having the right kind of audio system set up to make sure that the music is clear and at a decent volume can also have an effect on the mood of the room. Very loud music is uncharacteristic of weddings, but if it’s so low-res or quiet that you can’t hear it, what’s the point? 

Music isn’t the only part of a wedding audio setup, either. Having a proper mic system so that guests can hear all the speeches, and so that the wedding DJ knows when it’s time for guests to hit the dance floor are also important parts of your wedding audio settings. Making sure there are enough mics, speakers, and projectors is another important part of AV.


Not to mention, with how common slideshows and videos are becoming at weddings, you’d need a proper audiovisual system set up to make sure all of these are functioning properly. Slideshows and videos are difficult to configure, and the kind of venue you’ve picked may make it more difficult too. Factoring in different aspects of videos and slides such as power availability, projectors, and audio, it can get a lot more complex than just playing a video on a screen.

DIYs are a new trend for wedding preparation, and while these may work for other aspects of wedding planning, extra care should be given to making audiovisual setups for your wedding as perfect as can be, as these can completely transform your event. 

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