What to Consider When Including Music into Your Corporate Event

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Contrary to popular belief, planning a corporate event is just as stressful (if not more) than planning a wedding. You need to ensure everything goes perfect. After all, whether the event is a treat for hard working employees or to deliver and further the company’s message, everything needs to unfold seamlessly. 

Among the myriad of things involved, music is at the heart of any event and its important in making a impact should never be undermined. But while the choice of music for other events maybe obvious; what are the things to consider when incorporating music in a corporate event? Let’s find out.

  1. The Theme of the Event

The most important consideration when choosing a DJ for a corporate event is that his music should complement the purpose and theme of the event. Is it a product launch? Is it a charity event or a networking business event? For each of these, the kind of music you select will be different. You don’t want overpowering music that takes away from the ultimate goal. At business events, subtle music is recommended as it acts as a nice background score to the announcements instead of taking away the focus. 

  1. Standard of Professionalism

No matter the purpose, a corporate event is a direct reflection of the company organizing it. Therefore, it is advised that you choose music that is both appropriate and maintains an air of professionalism. Wacky songs and beats can be reserved for other nights. For corporate events, choose well-known and upbeat music that thoroughly entertains without going overboard. 

  1. Consider the Event Space

 Music playing in a small conference room will sound much different than it would in a huge hall. Make sure you test and try this out beforehand to avoid the music from being either too loud or too subtle, according to the footfall that you’re expecting. Then you can adjust the volume according to the event space at your disposal. 

  1. The Style of Music

Another thing to consider is whether you need on style for music throughout the event. When you’re hosting a corporate event, you probably want a subtle background score for reception drinks and a little more buoyant score for dancing later in the evening. Make you have arrangements for each and these variations are communicated to your DJ according to the planning and itinerary of the event. 

  1. Age Range of the Employees/Attendees

Music is meant to entertain guests and uplift the mood of the event. To choose the right music, you need to consider the age range of employees and other guests who would be in attendance. While choosing music that provides a good time to a 25 year old and 50 year old both is a tad hard, you can always choose to alternate between new, fresh beats and old classics to keep all guests entertained and engaged. 

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