Should You Hire a DJ for your Christmas or Holiday Party or Wedding?


The season for engagements and weddings is the holiday season. It’s a time for families to get together and reflect on the good times they will share following the New Year. If you are planning a wedding and want to celebrate your big day with good music and dancing, a good DJ can bring life to the party and keep the vibe going with music and emcee for games, toast, and more. Here at Any Event Productions our team is experienced in holiday party djing and loves to bring the party to your doorstep. Read below the benefits of having a wedding DJ versus a band and the benefits of having an experienced DJ for your holiday wedding, party or event.


Is it cheaper to have a band or a DJ at my wedding or event?

During this holiday season, everyone is trying to save money; DJs are less than a full band, but it depends on the equipment used, the month’s time, and the person’s availability. A band is also more expensive since there are more people to pay, and the DJ is a one-person show that can play any song you want.

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How long does a DJ stay at a wedding or an event?

It depends on how long you want the DJ to play and how much you have paid for the services. The typical wedding is about 4 hours, with the dinner portion and 2 hours of music, toast celebration, and send-off.

Is it Worth It to have a Wedding DJ?

A wedding DJ comes in many sizes, shapes, and personalities. Everyone is different. DJ Smooth B is the best EMCEE  and DJ in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas; it’s more than just loading a bunch of songs and pressing play. It’s about transitioning people from one moment through music from one space to another. Most importantly, it is about reading the crowd; if you see nods no to a song in the crowd, you need to switch the song! A good wedding DJ depends on whether the person is fun, energetic, and can play games through Emceeing at the event.

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Holiday Party Ideas

The holiday/fall season leading up to the New Year is the best time to have a DJ for your party. Christmas is just around the corner, and what is the best way to tell your co-workers that special event was the best is to have the best DJ, DJ Smooth B, to liven up the party! If you are in Austin, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, or Tyler areas DJ Smooth B and his team can cater to your next holiday event.

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Be prepared for your next wedding or party using our party rental services. For example, if you want to spice up your party by adding a dance floor setup, by having a dance floor set up, your guest will have that feeling of dancing on a lighted stage! In addition, we offer photo booth rentals at reasonable costs. A photo booth allows guests to take a picture of the event’s best moments. Any Event Productions, we provide 360 photo booths that will give your guest a wow factor, so your memories can be digitally stored and sent to your phones. If you need more options to mix and match your special day, please visit our helpful website on our different wedding dj packages! For more offers and details on these special deals, follow our social media and learn about our future special deals. To learn about our wedding dj prices and packages please visit our website.

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If you are having a wedding in the Houston, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Tyler, Texas areas, look no further for an excellent experienced DJ. We cover everything from dance floor decals to lighting, special effects, photo booths, and more. We listen to our clients and love to cater your event to your satisfaction.Are you interested in booking?


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