Tips for finding the right wedding dj!

Here are some tips for finding the right wedding DJ. 

  1. Define your music preferences: Make a list of your favorite songs, genres, and artists. This will help you choose a DJ who shares your musical taste and has experience in the type of music you want for your wedding.
  2. Research DJ’s online: Use keywords like “wedding DJ reviews” to look for online evaluations and check out the DJ’s website and social media pages to see their portfolio and get an idea of their DJ style.
  3. Ask for referrals: Utilize keywords like “recommended wedding DJs” to ask friends and family for referrals to wedding DJs they’ve used and liked.
  4. Schedule a consultation: Set up a meeting with the DJ in person or over the phone to discuss your music preferences, the DJ’s experience, and their approach to creating a personalized wedding playlist.
  5. Consider their experience: Make sure the DJ has experience performing at weddings, using keywords like “wedding DJ experience.” Ask for references from recent events.
  6. Discuss their set-up and equipment: Ensure the DJ has the necessary equipment, including sound systems, lighting, and backup equipment in case of a technical issue. Keywords like “DJ equipment” can help.
  7. Get everything in writing: Make sure to get a written contract outlining the DJ’s responsibilities, fees, and the details of the event, using keywords like “wedding DJ contract.”

By following these tips, you should be able to find a wedding DJ who matches your musical taste and can create an unforgettable musical experience for your big day.


What to expect as career in Event Productions and Live Performance?

Event production and live performance can be exciting and challenging careers in the entertainment industry. If you’re interested in this field, it’s important to have a strong understanding of event planning and coordination, as well as the technical aspects of live performance.

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect as an event production and live performance professional:

  1. Event Planning: You will be responsible for planning and coordinating events, including booking venues, managing budgets, and working with vendors. You must also have a strong understanding of event logistics and be able to plan and execute events efficiently.
  2. Technical Production: Technical production is an essential aspect of live performance and event production. You will need to have knowledge of lighting, sound, and stage design, as well as an understanding of the latest production technology and techniques.
  3. Creative Problem Solving: The ability to think creatively and solve problems quickly is an important skill in this field. You may encounter unexpected challenges during events, and you need to be able to come up with solutions in real-time to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  4. Communication Skills: Good communication skills are also essential in event production and live performance. You will need to be able to effectively communicate with clients, vendors, performers, and other stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  5. Attention to Detail: Attention to detail is crucial in this field. From the smallest technical details to the big picture, you must be able to ensure that every aspect of an event is executed to the highest standards.

Event production and live performance professionals are responsible for creating memorable experiences for audiences. If you’re passionate about the entertainment industry and have the skills and drive to succeed, this may be the right career path for you.


What Questions Should You Ask A Wedding/DJ MCEE Coordinator in Dallas, Houston, Tyler, Austin, Texas?

What Questions Should You Ask A Wedding/DJ MCEE Coordinator in Dallas, Houston, Tyler, Austin, Texas?

We recommend a wedding planner/ or a DJ with plenty of experience to guide you through your wedding day. A good DJ or a wedding planner can help your vision come to life and ease your stress. Here at Any Event Productions, we will assemble questions for the bride and groom to answer so that the songs and event can be in order.

Main Questions for a Wedding Coordinator/DJ MCEE

Having a wedding can be stressful, but asking the right questions can help your stress by having questions to start conversation!

  • My wedding is on this date. Are you available on this date/time?
  • What is included in your planning and wedding packages?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want me to MCEE for the event?
  • What songs do you want me to play for your wedding, and what is the particular order in which you want me to play those songs?
  • Do you have special request songs, for example, during some important events, father & daughter dance, bouquet toss, and mother and son dance?
  • How many people are there at the event?

For some wedding coordinators, planning also includes obtaining high-quality services for food, decor, and planning ad guidance for the wedding. Some wedding coordinators even help with the planning and coordination of the event.

  • How will the payment be handled using CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle to the vendors?
  • What decorations are needed for the event?
  • What type of food caters are available to serve the event?
  • What time are the vendors showing up to the event?

These are just some of the questions addressed by the wedding coordinator at the day of the wedding.

Event and Jobs Done Before or Past Work Experience 

It is crucial to determine if your wedding coordinator/ DJ or MCEE is experienced and reputable in the industry. The old saying goes, you get what you pay for. So, it’s best to find out through reviews and social media if that person is a trusted vendor. Some questions to ask are:

  • What is your past work experience?
  • How many jobs are you booked for this year? 
  • What are your social media handles? 
  • What are your past reviews? 
  • How will you handle any issues that may arise? 
  • Do you have any other recommendations? 

Any other details should be addressed in the contract and agreed upon before the day of the event. 

What do wedding DJs do? 

An experienced wedding DJ sets the tone for your wedding reception by controlling the crowd and is the announcer for the wedding. Most importantly, the wedding DJ plays the proper songs/music at the right time while reading the crowd accordingly.

The luxury DJ like DJ Smooth B at Any Event Productions has professional equipment and special effects for your first dance with your loved one. 

Any Event Productions – DJ/MCEE and Wedding Day Coordinators 

If you are looking for a professional DJ with experience that can help guide you through the wedding experience, contact us now! Along with coordination, we are Dallas, Houston, Tyler, and Austin, Texas, leading providers of Wedding DJs, Photo booths, Uplighting, special effects, and Audio Visual services! If you have any questions about planning your next event, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Tips for Throwing a Fantastic Business Event

Events can be a great way to boost your business. They can improve company culture, strengthen relationships with clients and between colleagues, and enhance your marketing strategy. Events can even boost revenue, for example, if you use an event to sell sponsorships or ad space. All that said, organizing a business event requires careful planning. You don’t want to risk the event going wrong and causing public embarrassment, especially if clients are invited. Here’s how to make sure you get it right.



Consider working with a pro

Before you get to work planning an entire party yourself, consider whether you have the bandwidth to take on this task. Planning a business event is a major undertaking that requires you to think about everything from food to music, location, and more. If you don’t have the time, outsourcing to a professional like Any Event Production may be the best option. They can handle the details while you focus on running your business.



Set a budget upfront

If your party goes over budget, you’ll be stuck with added costs that will have to come out of your business budget. To avoid this worst-case scenario, make sure to set a budget upfront. Guidebook provides a step-by-step tutorial for creating a budget for an event. Start by identifying your event strategy. For example, maybe the goal is to attract customers. Then, make a list of the components you’ll need to pay for, like catering, entertainment, and location. You can then get estimates and come up with a rough budget.



Choose a fitting location

The location will likely be the biggest cost, so it’s a good idea to get this done first. When choosing an event venue, don’t just think about aesthetics. While a cool-looking venue is nice, it’s also important to consider practicalities like capacity, parking availability, and connectivity via public transportation. You also want to consider contract details. For example, some event locations require you to use their in-house catering.



Think about appropriate entertainment

Entertainment can be another major expense for your event. Even if it’s a business-related party, you want it to be fun. However, it should also be appropriately professional. Bizzabo has a list of
creative ideas for corporate entertainment that can inspire you. Examples include a live band, augmented or virtual reality booths, a puppy playpen, an escape room, and a visual artist.
Interactive components like a cooking tutorial are also a great idea.


Don’t skimp on the catering

Food can make or break an event. Make sure that you leave enough time to find a caterer. Before you start comparison shopping, make sure you know what you’re looking for. Paying for a seated dinner is very different from paying for tray-passing at a stand-up cocktail event, for example. Here are some more tips for finding a great caterer, like scheduling a tasting, checking references and reviews, and asking about their familiarity with your venue.



Make sure to promote your event 

If you’re going to go to the trouble of planning and setting up an event, you want people to come. Marketing is the answer. You can promote your event in many budget-friendly ways, for example, via social media, email campaigns, press releases, promotional videos, and more. You can also pass out flyers in person. Use a PDF editor to create an invite: Upload the file you want to use, add drawings and text, download it, and print it out.


Hosting a business event can be beneficial in many ways, from creating a sense of team unity to generating revenue. However, if you want your event to be a success, you have to put in the work. The above guide covers the essential steps to consider.



For more information on hosting amazing events, visit the blog.

Should You Hire a DJ for your Christmas or Holiday Party or Wedding?

Should You Hire a DJ for your Christmas or Holiday Party or Wedding?


The season for engagements and weddings is the holiday season. It’s a time for families to get together and reflect on the good times they will share following the New Year. If you are planning a wedding and want to celebrate your big day with good music and dancing, a good DJ can bring life to the party and keep the vibe going with music and emcee for games, toast, and more. Here at Any Event Productions our team is experienced in holiday party djing and loves to bring the party to your doorstep. Read below the benefits of having a wedding DJ versus a band and the benefits of having an experienced DJ for your holiday wedding, party or event.


Is it cheaper to have a band or a DJ at my wedding or event?

During this holiday season, everyone is trying to save money; DJs are less than a full band, but it depends on the equipment used, the month’s time, and the person’s availability. A band is also more expensive since there are more people to pay, and the DJ is a one-person show that can play any song you want.

DJ smooth B Djing
djsmoothb at work

How long does a DJ stay at a wedding or an event?

It depends on how long you want the DJ to play and how much you have paid for the services. The typical wedding is about 4 hours, with the dinner portion and 2 hours of music, toast celebration, and send-off.

Is it Worth It to have a Wedding DJ?

A wedding DJ comes in many sizes, shapes, and personalities. Everyone is different. DJ Smooth B is the best EMCEE  and DJ in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas; it’s more than just loading a bunch of songs and pressing play. It’s about transitioning people from one moment through music from one space to another. Most importantly, it is about reading the crowd; if you see nods no to a song in the crowd, you need to switch the song! A good wedding DJ depends on whether the person is fun, energetic, and can play games through Emceeing at the event.

Photo of people in Santa hats dancing

Holiday Party Ideas

The holiday/fall season leading up to the New Year is the best time to have a DJ for your party. Christmas is just around the corner, and what is the best way to tell your co-workers that special event was the best is to have the best DJ, DJ Smooth B, to liven up the party! If you are in Austin, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, or Tyler areas DJ Smooth B and his team can cater to your next holiday event.

Wedding DJ for Austin, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Tyler Texas

Be prepared for your next wedding or party using our party rental services. For example, if you want to spice up your party by adding a dance floor setup, by having a dance floor set up, your guest will have that feeling of dancing on a lighted stage! In addition, we offer photo booth rentals at reasonable costs. A photo booth allows guests to take a picture of the event’s best moments. Any Event Productions, we provide 360 photo booths that will give your guest a wow factor, so your memories can be digitally stored and sent to your phones. If you need more options to mix and match your special day, please visit our helpful website on our different wedding dj packages! For more offers and details on these special deals, follow our social media and learn about our future special deals. To learn about our wedding dj prices and packages please visit our website.

wedding decal
Image of a wedding venue event

If you are having a wedding in the Houston, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Tyler, Texas areas, look no further for an excellent experienced DJ. We cover everything from dance floor decals to lighting, special effects, photo booths, and more. We listen to our clients and love to cater your event to your satisfaction.Are you interested in booking?


Feel free to contact our team of professionals at