Your Wedding Day Ceremony and Reception Must Haves!

Do I need a DJ for my Wedding? Most importantly, you must have a DJ for your Wedding; they are essential to the Wedding; it is as if you have no captain for the ship. The wedding DJ helps make your wedding day unique and fun; no two weddings are the same, so through variousContinue reading “Your Wedding Day Ceremony and Reception Must Haves!”

What is Audio Production?

What is Audio Production?  Audio production is a broad term that refers to all things related to sound production, from sound mixing to recording and sound production. For example, if you are a music producer, your task is to record and edit digital audio for publishing. As a sound production professional, your job will includeContinue reading “What is Audio Production?”

Complete Guide to Planning a Budget Wedding

An average American wedding costs approximately $44,000 for hosting 160 guests. This is not a small amount that everyone can or wants to afford. What if we tell you that you can plan your ideal wedding within a limited budget? However, as easy as it sounds on paper, planning your wedding budget is no easyContinue reading “Complete Guide to Planning a Budget Wedding”

A Guide to Corporate Events – Ticking the Right Boxes

Unlike birthday parties or personal celebratory affairs, corporate events are of a different breed. From the mood and setting of the venue to the type of guests that will be attending and the impact the event will have on the company, planning and executing a corporate event has much higher stakes involved.  It will determineContinue reading “A Guide to Corporate Events – Ticking the Right Boxes”