Event Lighting and Special Event Rentals for DALLAS-FORT WORT, HOUSTON, Denton, Frisco, McKinney, Austin, Waco, Bryan, College Station, Houston

Event Lighting and Special Effects Rental

We are Dallas-Fort Worth, Weatherford, Denton, Frisco, McKinney, Austin, Waco, Bryan, College Station, Houston premiere party up-lighting, and special effects company to meet your party, wedding, or special event needs. If music sets the tone, then lighting sets the mood. Our event lighting rentals are customized to enhance your event’s theme or vision. So whether it’s wedding lighting you need, outdoor lighting for a lit backyard bash, or GOBOs for the birthday party of the century – our event lighting will match and enhance your event’s energy. We also have special cold spark rental machines to keep your guest excited for the event.

Cold Spark Machine Rental for any Occasion

How do cold sparks work? 

Cold spark machines work by heating granules of powder material titanium and zirconium to create glowing sparks; the sparks are cooled and at a safe temperature to touch. The sparks are safe and will give a non-flammable special effect for the event.


Why should you get cold sparks for your event? 

Our state-of-the-art cold sparks make a bold statement that leaves a “wow factor” at each event. Experience over 15 feet of sparks that are cool to the touch and smokeless, making the experience that much more pleasant for everyone. 

Stylish Uplighting Rentals for Weddings and Special Events

What is uplighting used for? 

Uplighting is used for indoor or outdoor events by placing strategically and decoratively lighting, pointing it vertically up the wall, in a DJ truss, or in a fixture. Hence, it shines decorative blends of colors. Uplighting adds a unique ambiance to your special day, wedding, corporate event, prom, or party at a venue or hall.



Why should you get customized uplighting for your event? 

Uplighting options are a great alternative to conventional over-head spotlights. Whether you want to light a runway or want to set a specific mood on your special day, we strategically position lighting to create the atmosphere you choose.

Wedding Photo

Dancing On Clouds Fog Machine Rental for Weddings and More

Dancing on Clouds Effect! 

Just imagine dancing in heaven with all the clouds with that special someone in your arms to your favorite song. Well, the dancing-on-clouds effect has that effect on your special day. The cloud-like smoke fills the room. This effect is caused by water heated with dry ice, which is perfectly safe.


Why should you get the Dancing On Cloud effects for your event? 

Add drama or romance with our “Dancing on a Cloud” effect. Captivate guests by introducing a low lying fog as if you are were truly amongst the clouds. Great for first dances, photographs, and special moments!

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